Why Should You Hire Court Marriage Lawyers

Court marriage is always seen as a very difficult way of marriage. If you go for it you might be facing court proceedings for many days. Moreover, it can get difficult for the couple to cope with such tiring Court hearings. Therefore, one should hire a reputable court marriage lawyer who can help and guide them.

Pros of hiring a court marriage lawyer

● You will get proper consultation

You might not know a lot about court marriage and its complications, but a lawyer does know. So, your lawyer will let you know about the whole procedure, complications, criteria, and steps and will also give you a lot of options based on a specific situation.

● Better handling of court proceedings

A court marriage lawyer has already been to court and has represented so many clients. Therefore, he must have a lot of experience in dealing with court and other matters. So by hiring a lawyer you will not have to get worried about legal protocols and court hearings.

● The lawyer will represent you in Court

If you happen to go for a court marriage you will have to visit the court several times. This repeated court summons might be troublesome for the couple. But, if you have a lawyer who is an expert at representing his clients in court, you do not have to visit the court a lot. As your lawyer will be there to represent you and will only ask you to come where your presence is necessary.

● The lawyer will make sure you fulfill all the legal requirements

Lastly, your lawyer will make sure you have fulfilled all the legal requirements and have followed all the protocols. He will get everything ready on time including an affidavit of free will, Nikah registration, recording of 164 statement and will even help in getting police protection.

Overall, hiring a lawyer will ease the process of court marriage for you, so call us now and get one of the best court marriage lawyers near you.