Story About First Love Marriage

I always wanted to marry the girl I loved the most in my life and it was my first love marriage, we had so many dreams but unfortunately because of some family issues we could not do traditional marriage.

At first, we were really confused and worried about our future and what will happen now and what will we do, and at that time someone told us about court marriage lawyers in Karachi.

We did not know about court marriage before, and we were unsure and confused about it. We were so confused yet excited because we were going to marry each other without our family consent.

So from that day, we started to research on google about court marriage and to know all about it. We learned that it is a very lengthy process and there are too many documents require, so at that time we were confused if we should try it or not, is it safe or not, is it legal or not. It seemed too confusing at that particular time.

We Discussed With Court Marriage Lawyer in Karachi Pakistan

After some time, we discussed it with a Court Marriage Lawyer about it and he told us all about it. He told us that it is legal and safe. So after the discussion, we concluded that we are going to give it a shot.

We were told by our court marriage lawyer that we don’t have to worry about any documentation, and that was a huge relief because we did not know anything about the documentation and procedure.

Our lawyer asked us to bring some documents, like our ID, Form B, and some pictures. As we came to the place, we were so excited and full of emotions. As we entered the court, the person inside told us to wait for a moment. After a couple of minutes, the marriage registrar called us. 

It was the moment of truth; we were so happy. The marriage registrar asked for our documents, we signed some papers and we were done. We were shocked because it took us moments. It was an easy process because we hired a lawyer it helped us more. Now we were husband and wife and it was first love marriage. All that we wished for came true.