Polygamy in Karachi, Pakistan

Polygamy is a practice that many countries and cultures follow including Saudia Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, and even Pakistan. Pakistani men have always been very fond of polygamy and a few of them actually go for Polygamy as well.

What is Polygamy?

The term polygamy refers to multiple marriages for the same person. For example, if a man marries more than 2 times and keeps all of his wives at the same time then this system is called Polygamy. Several men in Pakistan are living in polygamous systems. They even have children from all of their wives.

Is Polygamy allowed in Karachi, Pakistan?

Pakistan is an Islamic country. The laws have to first consult our religion on such matters. So, yes, Islam permits Polygamy for just men. But, Pakistani men usually hide behind religion and go for polygamy even if they do not have the resources. However, Islam clearly says that you have to go for Polygamy only if you have the resources, otherwise it’s better if you marry once. As Pakistani law is based on Islam Polygamy is allowed by law also. But, a man has to get his wife’s writing permission for further marriages and has to show it in court.

Future of polygamous family systems in Karachi, Pakistan:

Pakistan has an economic crisis and it’s very difficult for a middle-class family to meet their ends in such uncertain times. Therefore, a polygamous family system would have to struggle a lot in order to survive in such times. In addition, if a man goes for multiple marriages he has to feed all his wives and children which can be a burden on a single breadwinner. In short, a man should only go for Polygamy in Pakistan if he is wealthy enough to support all of his families. Otherwise, it’s better to just stick to monogamy in Pakistan.

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