Life After Court Marriage in Pakistan

Court marriage has always been portrayed as a fantasy in Pakistani dramas. Young couples think that going for court marriage is as easy as a simple marriage. But that is not the case. On the contrary, court marriage in Pakistan is one of the most difficult decisions that one can take in one’s life. The process might not seem very hectic but the afterlife is very tricky, especially for young couples. If you are also planning to go for a court marriage we recommend you go through our list of difficulties you would face in your life after court marriage in Pakistan.

No family support from the bride’s side:

As for girls, court marriage is difficult as compared to boys. They have to go against their family and have to run away with the boy of their own choice. During this time she has to hurt her family by all means. So, even if she wins in court she would not have her parent’s support throughout her life.

No respect in society:

Court marriage is considered taboo in Pakistan. People do not respect you if you have chosen court marriage. They will treat you differently once they come to know that you went against your family. This, however, is a very bad practice in Pakistani society.  Because Court marriage is legal, it is very immature that someone would hate any couple based on their choices.

Fearful life:

Even if you settle everything in court, you will always have fear. The families, especially the girl’s side, would never leave you alone. They will harass you and in worse cases will even try to kill you. So, you would always have fear and you won’t live in peace. In conclusion, court marriage is not all romantic and lovely. It rather has a really bad influence on your future, so try to evaluate everything before you take such a step.