Is it possible to marry someone online in abroad?

With emerging technological advances, the marriage process has also become advanced. In old times people used to get married in traditional ways. But now the times have changed. You can easily get married to someone who is living overseas and can not come for a wedding. Yes, it is possible to marry someone online in abroad. You just have to consult a reputable firm that carries out such online marriages.

Is Online Court Marriage Abroad Permissible?

You can easily marry your loved one online and there is no restriction on it. If two families or people have agreed upon online court marriage then the law also permits it. If you are a Muslim and are wondering whether online court marriages are prohibited in Islam or not. Well here is a piece of good news for you as there is no restriction on getting an online marriage done in Islam. If you are from Pakistan and want to get married to someone who lives abroad both law and religion permit it.

Requirements For An Online Court Marriage In Abroad:

If you are going for an online court marriage you have to keep in mind a few basic points

  • Both bride and groom should be willing to accept each other as partners on an online forum
  • There should be a proper marriage registrar present at the time of marriage
  • Both girl and boy should be in front of the camera
  • A required number of witnesses should be present at the time of this online marriage

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