How Can Foreigners Perform Court Marriage in Pakistan?

The world has become a global village. Pakistan is the sixth largest population in the world. As a result, many Pakistanis want to choose their life partners from all over the world.

A court marriage is a contract between two couples to marry in front of a magistrate. This is a legal procedure for anyone who wishes to marry in this country. However, many foreigners wish to marry Pakistani nationals.  This law allows them to be a couple legally.

 According to law, women do not need to change their religion, but for the man, it’s vital. The Pakistan Foreign Office must stamp the marriage certificate “Nikah Nama”.              

Foreigner’s Marriage Rules & Requirements in Pakistan

Marriage is an essential process, and Pakistani law favors marriage partners. Every marriage needs registration of either court marriage or arranged marriage. Court marriage is not a crime, although we don’t follow the proper steps. Qazi should be present during the marriage. 

There is also a need for two witnesses to make Nikah legal. In case, If the partner is already divorced or windowed, certification is equally important as other documents. Certification and documents must be available in English. Moreover, a certified translation is necessary if it is available in another language. 
 Following are the rules and regulations for court marriage.

A Pakistani visa is essential for a Foreigners visa at the time of marriage. A tourist visa is also applicable for getting marriage.
At the time of registration, the Couple also needs two male witnesses.
Pakistan is an Islamic state it follows the Islamic principle. Puberty age is the best suitable Islamic age to get married. 
Four passport-size photos of the bride and groom are required. 
Opposite sex and homo-sex marriage are prohibited in Pakistan.                                                       


In short, court marriage is a legal but easy procedure. It allows people to choose their partners freely. You only need to follow some requirements.
Many agencies help Couples with court marriages. They claim to finish your registration in two hours. As a result, court marriage saves you from many legal problems. In this way, no one can file a case against your Couple.