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Court Marriage Lawyers are specialize in Family Relate Matters in Karachi Pakistan. We have Marriage Specialists Available for Spouses help and will give the best advise which can secure your life.  

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Court marriage is one of the fastest and easiest ways of getting married. Marriage is a wonderful experience of choosing and agreeing to spend your entire life with the person you love. That is why this event needs to be special and perfect as much as possible. We spend our whole lives worrying about the preparation for this event. The best way to ensure that you don’t have to worry about any technicalities, legalities, and complications is to hire court marriage lawyers.

We provide you with the best skilled and professional lawyers who can free you from the documentation and paperwork needed. Our top lawyer services for court marriage allows you to understand the legal requirements. We also make sure that you get the eligibility criteria associated with it. Otherwise, you can find yourself in a very sticky situation where you don’t know what to do next and what you did went wrong.

The need for court marriage lawyers in Karachi has been an essential one for some time. We are blessed with an opportunity to be a part of this life-long wonderful event. We stick by your side to ensure that this event is handled with perfection and nothing goes wrong on this joyful occasion. Our court marriage lawyers are certified and experienced in the field. We know everything there is about court marriage. SO they can guide you throughout the process and fill you in with crucial details.

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Online Court Marriage

Get married online by sitting at your home via WhatsApp or Skype.

Nikah Nama Registration

Register your Nikah Nama with a government registered registrar.

Divorce Papers

Get all your legal divorce papers together with the proper documents.

We have made a reputable name in the market and wish to go even further by assisting people if they will cherish their entire lives. We have managed to maintain such credibility by never compromising on the quality of our service. Providing suggestions that benefit you in every way. You can get the best set of advice from some very talented and experienced lawyers. Who has years and decades of experience dealing with court marriages?

According to the statistics, 40% of most court marriages find the process complicated. People end up spending most of their time, money, and energy on documentation and gathering knowledge. With our help, you won’t have to spend your precious time on legalities and boring paperwork or finding the requirements.

Our qualified lawyers are more than enough to handle everything there is. Along with providing you with detailed information on the document and eligibility requirements. People prefer our quality services because of the immense benefits that we offer.

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Pre Documentation and Criteria

There is a lot of things that you need to consider before you go ahead and decide on-court marriage. Several legal documents need to take placed. You must have some of the legal documents and certifications to be eligible for court marriage. This is where our court marriage lawyers in Karachi come in. We provide a descriptive and detailed list of must-have documents. We also assist you in acquiring such documents.

Once you are done with the documentation process there is a lot of paperwork that comes into play. Our lawyers handle all that without you having to worry about the specifics. We make sure that each and every form is filled out correctly. We double-check everything from top to bottom.

Relevant Laws of a Court Marriage lawyers in Karachi

Before getting a court marriage, better to contact court marriage lawyers in Karachi for legal advise because there are rules and regulations must be followed, according to Section 4 of the Special Marriage Act of 1954.

  • To get a court marriage, both parties must be of mature age. Both the boy and the girl should be at least 18 years old.
  • Both parties should offer their free will for court marriage. Consent should not be given if the person is mad or mentally ill.
  • Under the Pakistan laws both parties must have same religion for court marriage.
  • For polygamy court marriage Husband must take permission from his first wife under the laws.
  • Homosexual marriages are prohibited in Pakistan and it consider punishable offence under penal code.


Even after your court marriage process is completed with perfection. You don’t get the full relief because several documents take time for certification and validation. These certifications are provided post to the marriage. With our lawyers on your corner, you don’t have to worry about spending time and effort fetching those documents. Instead, we will take care of everything from scratch to the final process.

NADRA Divorce Certificate - Court Marriage Lawyers

NADRA Divorce Certificate

Prenuptial Agreement - Court Marriage Lawyers

Preneptual Agreement

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Our aim is not only to assist in this wonderful event like a marriage. However, we also wish to provide you with the highest level of comfort and satisfaction. We understand the magnitude of such an event. Our prime focus is to provide you with everything with ease so that you can focus on planning your future. Rather than getting tinged up in legal issues and piles of documents. If you have any queries or confusion, feel free to reach out to us. Whenever you need court marriage lawyers in Karachi, We’ve got you covered.

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